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Why Yoga?

photo: Robin Rodriguez

Close your eyes and take a deep, relaxing breath right now... Soften your jaw… Feel your cheekbones and eyebrows relax…

Take another long, deep breath... Now smile...

Ahhhh feels nice, yes?

Your rate of breathing and your state of mind are inseparable.

If you have ever seen a baby sleeping, you will notice their belly effortlessly rise and fall with each long deep breath. As we grow and adapt to this demanding society, our natural ability to breathe effortlessly can become lost.

When toxic foods, toxic thoughts and toxic habits bombard the body, our natural rhythms become altered, and our glands and organs cease to function properly. Loss of ease in the body happens when we disconnect from our natural rhythms, which includes natural, effortless, long, deep breathing. The number one thing we can do to feel at ease in this very moment, is take a deep breath.

Due to excessive stress, the body will sometimes forget how to breathe efficiently.

Through yoga, we can retrain the body and mind to restructure its natural rhythms.

Yoga is a sacred science that allows us to harness our bodies natural healing potential, and I believe that the body has an amazing ability to self heal. Through the miracle of modern medicine, doctors can best treat the human body when disease strikes, but I believe most diseases can be prevented by maintaining ease in the body and mind. Stress cannot live in a peaceful environment, and science has proven that a consistent yoga and meditation practice can maintain a healthy peaceful internal environment.

Science has shared a tremendous amount of research on the health benefits of a regular yoga and meditation practice. Through BKS Iyengar's teachings, I have become aware of the physical component to maintaining optimal health, and how our physical activity is directly related to our breathing patterns. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra offer some amazing affirmation techniques that can reduce negative thinking patterns. Through the teachings of Guru Ganesha Singh, I have learned that glands and organs can cease to function properly without proper breath centered activity. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has provided an amazing meditation technique that can actually restructure brain patterns to eliminate stress all together. Scientific research has been able to support the many benefits of adapting these teaching into daily life.

Every time I set out to practice yoga, I pull from the teachings of these health and wellness experts.

I allow my breath to guide me in and out of yoga poses, and envision my breath flowing into areas of my body that need healing. I use the power of imagery to filter out unwanted toxins in my body and mind through my breath, to create more space for health and vitality. It's really quite beautiful how my body and mind eventually surrender and slow down while my breath leads me in and out of postures. My body feels refreshed and strong after I practice the poses, and my mind feels clear and calm after I practice breath work and meditation. More than that, I have found that my body is more prone to breathing deeply and effortlessly during times of stress and challenge.

I encourage you explore a yogic lifestyle that works for you.

I wish you peace, many blessings, and abundant health and happiness in this life and beyond.


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