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Deep Rest Sound Bath Meditation

Ease all levels of your being in this deeply relaxing guided meditation and crystal singing bowl sound bath designed to de-stress the mind and body, resulting in a feeling of clarity, deep rest and rejuvenation.  Crystals will be placed around the room and non-contact reiki will be offered.  Please bring any yoga props you may enjoy using for savasana.

Reiki Certification &

Sound Training

This 3-month program is for those who are interested in becoming a healing force in the world.
This program provides the knowledge and level of professionalism necessary to embody the healing power of reiki, activate the innate gifts you were born with, exponentially boost your healing potential, and create comfort and confidence as you literally become a healing force in the world.


Reiki is a universal system whereby one can learn how to access and increase the amount of life force energy in the body, mind and spirit. Sound healing supports the bodies’ natural frequencies for sustained health and wellbeing. The practice of the two will take you on a journey of self-exploration and profound deep healing. Yoga professionals, energy workers, spiritual seekers, those on a healing journey, and those in the healing arts professions are some people who would benefit from the Reiki & Sound Training Program.

Live Music & Yoga

Saturday, August 29th

10:30am Tula Yoga Outdoor Flow

Saturday, September 26th

10:30am Tula Yoga Outdoor Flow

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