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Reiki Session

Reiki promotes balance within all energy systems of the body/mind.  Effects of a reiki treatment include better sleep, stress reduction, reduced aches and pains, mental clarity and peace of mind.

Modalities include:

Usui System of Natural Healing

White Light Reiki


Session packages are available. Distance reiki can be sent upon request. Sessions are approximately 60 minutes.

Reiki & Sound Meditation

Reiki session with the healing power of sound.  Sessions will be tailored to your specific needs and preferences.  


Sound modalities include:

Tibetan singing bowls

Quartz crystal singing bowls

Frame drum 




Sessions are approximately 60-75 minutes. Session packages are available.

Reiki & Restorative Yoga

When we accompany restorative yoga to a reiki session, the emotional and mental body follow into a blissful state of calm.  Sessions are approximately 60-75 minutes.

Introduction to Reiki

Wondering what reiki is all about?


In this workshop, Rosie will explain the history, philosophy, and many benefits of incorporating reiki into your life. A reiki treatment will be explained, and students will have the opportunity to experience a mini treatment.  Sound is often used in the workshop, modalities vary.

First Degree Reiki Training to Become a Reiki Practioner

First Degree Reiki primarily focuses on physical wellbeing.  In this training you will be introduced to the history of reiki, and how to conduct a reiki session for yourself and others. Training includes a 30 page manual containing meditations and hand treatment positions, one reiki attunement to impart life force energy, and a certificate of completion.

Second Degree Training to Become a Reiki Professional

This second level training increases the student’s ability to transmit reiki energy.  Three reiki symbols will be explained, and practiced.  Distance reiki treatments are taught in this training, in addition to several reiki meditations.  Training includes a 30 page manual containing meditations and three reiki symbols, one reiki attunement to impart life force energy, and a certificate of completion. 

Pre-requisite: Completion of First Degree Reiki Training.

Advanced Degree Reiki Training to Deepen Your Connection

The Advanced Level training is for those who wish to make reiki a major part of their life. The advanced training teaches many techniques used at the Mastership Level with the exception of having the ability to attune others.  The advanced training greatly enhances your connection to your inner truth, and heals primarily on a spiritual or karmic level.


We will explore techniques to scan and clear the auric field of people, plants and animals, in addition to learning alternate treatment techniques traditional to the White Light Reiki lineage. 

Several variations of the master healing symbol will be covered. Training includes a 30 page manual containing several variations of the master healing symbol, one reiki attunement to impart life force energy, and a certificate of completion. 

Pre-requisite: First and Second Degree Reiki

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